Prop 65

What is Proposition 65?

In 1986, the voters of California passed Proposition 65 also known as the Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, which applies not only to water, but also to consumer goods sold in California.

Proposition 65 requires the state of California to publish and maintain a list of chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The list is updated periodically and currently contains over 800 substances. Proposition 65 standards, in many circumstances are much stricter than those set by the US FDA.

BodyBar Protein bars fall within FDA suggested guidelines for the key heavy metals (also listed below) tested that are listed on Proposition 65 and can be safely ingested. We are required by law under the California Proposition 65 to post warnings on certain products that, when used, would result in exposure to any one or more than 800 substances recognized by the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity over the below extremely low limits as set by the Proposition. Civil for violation of the Act are $2,500 per day, and enforcement is permitted by private individuals.

BodyBar branded products covered by this Proposition 65 Warning include:

-Those products that include a reference to Proposition 65 or one of the warnings on their label.

- Any Product that includes the following ingredients: Cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, almonds and other plant-based ingredients.

-Any product identified here from time to time

-Any products sold by BodyBar Protein LLC. in light of the fact that one of more of the chemicals identified on may be present in such products, whether because it is found in the environment or otherwise

Nearly ALL foods contain certain levels of one of more of the following: arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury.

For example, one Avocado may contain up to 4.5mcg of lead, 9 times the allowable limit and one Orange may contain up to 2.7mcg of lead, more than 5 times the allowable limit.

The limits established by Proposition 65 are listed below:

-Arsenic: 10 micrograms

-Cadmium: 4.1 micrograms

-Lead: 0.5 micrograms

-Mercury: 0.3 micrograms

Protein bars and food products containing all natural ingredients are naturally going to contain these substances.

Evidence indicates that any of the above that may be present is there only as a result of the environment conditions in which vegetables are grown, and thus occur naturally in products.

We are dedicated to our consumers:

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible so you can make a more informed decision. Our products are tested for quality and purity, and we are constantly working to ensure that our products are made from the best ingredients available.

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Prop 65 information is available on OEHHA’s website: