BodyBar Protein

Made with Real Ingredients by an Autoimmune Warrior with your Digestive Health in mind

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Uncompromisingly Delicious • non-GMO • gluten free • no sugar added • minimal ingredients

Apple Cinnamon

10 Bars - $3.50/bar ($35)


Chocolate Brownie

10 Bars - $3.50/bar ($35)


Sweet Cocoa

10 Bars - $3.50/bar ($35)


Try All 3

3 Bars - $3.50/bar ($10.50)


The Story of BodyBar Protein

I am an Autoimmune Warrior who takes pride in resetting the bar. My story goes back many years, I have a purpose and a goal for creating these protein bars which are Gluten-Free and Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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Our Story

Are you looking for a great tasting nutritional bar with..

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Tasty without the guilty. Other bars taste good, but they have a lot of sugar, extra ingredients, or artificial flavors. It’s nice to have found a bar that has the protein I need without the added sugar or guilt.

Arpine G

Great taste with no bad aftertaste. A lot of bars have sugar substitutes in them and it makes my tongue feel weird hours after I have eaten the bar. I can appreciate a bar that is only sweetened with dates. 

Emil B

It was delicious and nutritional! Great experience! Will order more bars. Favorite breakfast, post-workout, or evening snack. I keep a bar handy all the time, you just never know when you need one.

Mary B