Tips For Achieving Small Wins

 Every January we make resolutions and set goals for the new year.  The most common goals are to become physically well, eat better and exercise, but by February we completely forget about these goals. Is it because we truly don’t care about being physically well or that our health doesn’t concern us? On the contrary we must have cared enough to set these goals in the first place, right?

This week I heard some great tips on a podcast, and I must admit, I have been following these steps for some time now and it makes a difference. 

The first step is to focus, and I mean you need to become hyper-focused at the nearest point only.  If you’re on a long road trip, you typically don’t sit at the wheel and keep driving without making any stops or avoiding the lights on your dashboard because your only goal is to arrive at your destination. If you do avoid those lights or the pit stops along the way, you will find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere looking for a bathroom and a gas station. 

It is important to have a visual strategy or a narrow strategy of focus. If I plan to go to the gym today at 4:00pm, then I make a point to visualize myself getting dressed and leaving the house for the gym. My first goal is to get dressed without stressing about my workout or how many reps or miles I need to get through I am only focused on getting those gym clothes on.

When we let a flood of emotions and thoughts take over our mindset, then we are only looking at the big picture and not narrowing our focus on the next step.  

 These are just 2 of the strategies that have been working well for me. I began my fitness journey in 2014 and have been working on improving myself daily. Will I ever stop improving, no, are there days I don’t want to work out, yes “but small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.”

 Want to discuss your goals with me? I would love to hear it.