Your Protein Bar Doesn't Have to Suck

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “Oh I don’t eat protein bars, they have too many fillers and sugars, it’s like I am eating a candy bar,” I would be rich, and I wouldn’t have to work endless hours preaching to people about how protein bars can be beneficial. That being said, I totally understand why protein bars have a bad rap.

I do want to tell you that your protein bar doesn’t have to suck. 

Entrepreneurs like myself are working hard to change the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) space by offering people healthier alternatives.  Information about more nutritious food options is all over the media, through podcasts, and in books. I would know because I listen to them and read them all daily.

As an entrepreneur, why would I want to create another protein bar like what’s already on the shelf? I would simply be wasting my time and money. The mission behind BodyBar is to make protein bars with natural ingredients and no added sugar or flavor enhancers like “natural flavors”. Our goal is to “reset the bar” by offering delicious bars in vegan and non-vegan options with fiber and protein and not much in between.

Here is what we can offer you:

  • Apple Cinnamon, a delicious Certified Paleo Friendly bar crafted with grass-fed whey and grass-fed collagen peptides, dates, almond butter, almonds, dried apples, cinnamon and more.
  • Sweet Cocoa, a delicious, Certified Paleo and vegan bar that contains dates, a plant-based protein blend made of pumpkin protein, flax protein and sunflower protein, plus almond butter, almonds, cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate, and more.
  • Chocolate Brownie, the perfect better-for-you, Certified Paleo Friendly bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each bar is crafted with grass-fed whey and grass-fed collagen peptides, dates, almond butter, cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate, almonds and more.

If you want more info about our ingredients, then visit our ingredients page on our website.