Chocolate Brownie


Our Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar is the perfect morning snack,
afternoon pick-me-up, or your before/after gym protein bar.
It has 12 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. It’s like eating
a freshly baked brownie without feeling guilty; after all, it is
filled with 100% cacao chocolate chips.

Our bars have grass-fed whey and bovine collagen to offer you
the perfect on-the-go protein. All our ingredients are easy
to read, and there are no “natural flavors” added to our bars.

Unlike other bars we all have had before, you won’t get a
bad aftertaste because our bars are sweetened with dates
and not artificial sugars or sugar substitutes. We know how
hard everyone works to stay healthy. We hope you try our bars
and join our journey to staying healthy.



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