A: You can eat BodyBar Protein Bars at any time. It’s the perfect on-the-go protein bar for a hectic day, afternoon pick-me-up or after gym protein fill.

A: No, meals are super important, but you can add our protein bars as a supplement to your meals. If you have specific diary restrictions,  please consult with your doctor.

A: Nope, all our bars are sweetened with Dates. 

A: If you have specific diary restrictions, please consult with your doctor first. However, some people do eat protein bars daily. 

A: Not yet, but coming soon. 

A: Not yet, but coming soon.

A: Please feel free to tell me what flavors you have in mind. I am always open to feedback. 

A: I have been working on this, and I will keep you posted on updates. 

A: I want to expand my market. Please tell your friends and family about us.